goldendoodle mini texas

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While most prefer the Goldendoodles with furnishings, aka a “Doodley” coat, there is a market for Goldendoodles who look more like Golden Retrievers, but have the genetic diversity and sometimes lower shedding than a Golden Retriever. If you have a family with allergies, a Goldendoodle with an incorrect coat is not the best match for you. By testing the parent dogs of Multigen Goldendoodles, your breeder can be sure not to breed parents that will produce puppies with incorrect coats without furnishings unintentionally. These Goldendoodles exhibit furnishings:The “shedding index” is a combination of two DNA tests, one for the shedding gene, combined with the test for furnishings. The shedding index is ranked on a score of 0 4. “0” is no shedding, and “4” is the highest shedding.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

The results from this breeding will be of some pups appearing more golden retriever, and the rest appearing more poodle.

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goldendoodle mini texas

“ I certified our other dog and expect no issue with Fraggle. ”