goldendoodle dog breeders in pennsylvania

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Some breeders prefer to restrict breeding to early generation dogs bred from a Poodles and Labradors rather than from two Labradoodles to maximize genetic diversity and maintain hybid vigor as a way to avoid the inherited health problems that plague many recognized dog breeds. Throughout those early years Kate Shoeffel, a vet in NSW Australia began breeding first generation F1 Labradoodles from Labrador and Poodle matings. Her F1's were amongst the first Labradoodles to be exported from Australia to America. Because of their immense rise in popularity, people began crossing any Labrador with any poodle without any regard to genetics, bloodline, or temperament and calling the puppies "Labradoodles. ” The result was an unpredictable variety of puppies with various physical characteristics.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Words cannot express the abundance of love, happiness, and gratitude we have felt since bringing Helly home.

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goldendoodle dog breeders in pennsylvania

“ You will at times hear people refer to the Goldendoodle as a designer dog. ”